12th August 2017

Meet the Committee

Please find below the details and contact information of the 2018/19 Executive Committee.
Artin Giles
Amelia Horgan
Women's Officer (Vice-Chair)
Esther Endfield
LGBT Officer
Mohammed Iqbal Pappu
BAME Officer
Torr Robinson
Disability Officer
Faisa Hassan
Under 19s Officer
Marcus Barnett
Wendy Liu
Treasurer (Vice-Chair)
Jenny Killin
Trade Union Liaison Officer (TULO)
Grace Blakeley
Policy and Political Officer
Amadita Garcia
Events Officer
Siddo Dwyer
Social Officer
James Calmus
Communications Officer
Abshir Weli
Campaigns and Membership Officer
Rebecca Filer
Campaigns Officer
Felix O'Leary
Campaigns Officer
Asher Mohammed
Campaigns Officer
Olivia Barber
Campaigns Officer
Emma Bean
Welfare Officer
Omar Raii
Fundraising Officer
Sabrina Huck
National Committee Regional Rep
James McAsh
National Committee Regional Rep