Statement on LYL Endorsements for YLNC

London Young Labour is proud to endorse the following candidates standing for the Young Labour National Committee:

The Committee has voted to endorse the following candidates:

Chair: Leigh Drennan

International Officer: Marcus Barnett

NEC Representative: Lara McNeill

Ordinary Representative: Annie Maloney

Ordinary Representative: Joe Bradley

We have also endorsed Will Armston-Sheret for Young Labour National Committee Representative and Jenny Killin for Regional Board Youth Representative.

The decision to endorse candidates was taken the first committee meeting on Sunday 18th February. In total 17 people voted to endorse candidates, 2 people voted against endorsing any candidates with 1 abstention. Two members of the committee were absent from the vote.

Statements were taken from the candidates running for Chair and NEC Representative. A number of statements were taken from those who were running for International Officer and Ordinary Representative.

These statements were then presented to the committee and a poll was conducted online on Tuesday evening, where voting was open from 8pm until 10am on the day of the ballots dropping, with the endorsement announced at midday on Wednesday.

A total of 19 of the 22 committee members voted in this poll.

The breakdown was as follows:

Chair – Leigh Drennan (14 votes)

NEC Rep – Lara McNeill (14 votes)

International Officer – Marcus Barnett (15 votes)

Ordinary Rep – Annie Maloney (14 votes)

Ordinary Rep – Joe Bradley (13 votes)

Chair – Miriam Mirwitch (3 votes)

NEC Rep – Eda Cazimoğlu (3 votes)

International Officer – Rachael Ward (2 votes)

Ordinary Rep – Olivia Barber (4 votes)

Ordinary Rep – Liron Velleman (2 votes)

International Officer – Mo Ahmed (1 vote)

We took the decision not to endorse any Liberation candidates that would be standing for YLNC.

The London Regional vote for Young Labour National Committee Representative and Regional Board Youth Representative was conducted the following day. All candidates standing for this were included as the candidates booklet had been published. The vote was conducted between the hours of 5pm until 10am the following morning. A total of 14 people voted in this poll.

The breakdown was as follows:

YLNC Rep – Will Sheret (15 votes)

Regional Rep – Jenny Killin (13 votes)

YLNC Rep – Jack Phipps (2 votes)

Regional Rep – Rania Ramli (2 votes)

No other candidates received any votes.

I hope the above clarifies any questions that may have arisen from this vote by the newly elected London Young Labour Committee.

Artin Giles

Chair, London Young Labour

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