Statement on antisemitism within the Labour Party

As London Young Labour we are deeply saddened by the continual disregard for the welfare of Jewish members of our Party and we encourage the leadership to continue on its path to take decisive action to combat antisemitism and rid it from our movement. Decisive action can only be done through tangible change to our processes and attitude towards the scourge of antisemitism, as well as educating our members and we hope to work with socialist societies like the Jewish Labour Movement, the oldest affiliated socialist society, to do so.

Whilst antisemitism doesn’t just exist within the Labour Party, we as London Young Labour need to set a precedent and demonstrate our solidarity and stand with Jewish comrades in how we deal with this vile disease.

Subsequently let us not forget the brilliant socialist achievements of Jews in the Labour Party, from standing up to fascism at Cable Street, to Lord Dubs’ campaign for the resettlement of child refugees, and to initiating every piece of anti-racist legislation. We must show that this legacy is valued in our movement in the continued fight against antisemitism within the Labour Party as well as wider society. 

Chag sameach
חג שמח