12th August 2017



London Young Labour (LYL) is the Young Labour group for the London region. With more than 13,000 members, LYL is the largest and most dynamic Young Labour group in the country.

We campaign for Labour candidates, progressive values and for young people’s issues across the city. But it’s not just about campaigning – we also meet regularly to debate ideas in our forums, have speakers from right across the Labour movement, and hold frequent socials with everything from our Sadiqso (Sadiq disco, of course) through to film screenings.

If you’ve never been involved before, fear not. We’re a welcoming group, and because of the size of the organisation it’s not the case that everyone knows everyone – there are always new people coming along. You don’t need any special qualifications or knowledge to be involved, you just need to be passionate about Labour and a friendly face.

If you want to see regular event updates, then you can join our Facebook group here, or follow us on Twitter here.

Not yet a member? If you’re under 27 you can join Labour for only £1 by clicking here.