Meet the Committee

May 25, 2016

Meet the 2016 Committee


Benjamin Butterworth
Jade Symonds
Vice Chair & Women’s Officer
Rob Newberry
Vice Chair & Treasurer
Anna Phillips
Jack Phipps
Campaigns & Membership Officer
Miriam Mirwitch
Policy & Political Officer
Steph Hedges
Communications Officer
Will Tucker
Fundraising Officer
Maria Finnerty
Welfare Officer
James Mcash
Social Officer; Regional Board Youth Rep
Ciara Hogan
Trade Union Liaison Officer
Ed Jones
Events Officer
Jen Davis
BAME Members’ Officer
Lewis Parker
LGBT Members' Officer
Ben O'Connor
Disabled Members’ Officer
Humaira Garasia
Under 19's Officer
Sabrina Huck
Campaigns Officer; Young Labour National Rep
Thelma Odoi
Campaigns Officer
Phil Freeman
Campaigns Officer
Rachael Ward
Campaigns Officer