EU Referendum

May 15, 2016

Labour InJeremy Corbyn,  the shadow cabinet, Labour Party conference and London Young Labour’s conference are unanimous: we are stronger in Europe. We will be campaigning throughout the referendum for a Remain vote on 23 June. It’s crucial, as part of the campaign, that young people register to vote – this is a once in a generation decision. We will be holding phone banks every Tuesday at London region offices, and door knocking each weekend.

Being in Europe means young people can study abroad, participate in schemes like Erasmus, work across the continent and travel without extra restrictions. The trading bloc of 500 million people brings jobs and growth to the UK, meaning more big employers base themselves here creating thousands of jobs for young people and graduates. London is at the heart of Europe, and we want to remain there.



  • Millions of British jobs are linked to our EU membership.
  • £26.5 billion is invested in Britain by EU countries every year.
  • British workers benefit from EU agreements on workers’ rights, including the right to holiday pay, paid maternity and paternity leave, anti-discrimination laws, equal pay and protection for agency workers.


  • Exports to the UK are worth £227bn a year to the British economy
  • The EU is Britain’s biggest export market – almost half of all our exports are with the EU


  • Thousands of criminals have been arrested under the European Arrest Warrant
  • Being in the EU enhances Britain’s global influence and gives us a seat at the top table